Services For Professionals

Sales Management


An efficient sales management plan can increase the revenue and competitive position of your accommodation.

The whole procedure is based on individual needs and potential while focusing on the competitive advantages of your accommodation and on the increase of its popularity.

In more detail:

  • We set the availability plan and set goals for the desired results.
  • We analyze the ability and potential of your accommodation.
  • We create B2B and B2C price lists.
  • We negotiate, prepare and finalize contracts with tour operators and travel agencies in Greece and abroad.

Distribution Systems – Online Travel Agencies


In order to maximize profits and exposure for your accommodation we need to list it at the correct online travel agencies. In other words, listing is very important because the presence of your accommodation at online travel agencies is the first impression potential customers have for your accommodation.

In more detail:

  • We list your accommodation at the proper online travel agencies improving your web presence.
  • We create an image of your accommodation for potential customers
  • We list prices that are a result of market research with a sense of understanding the needs of each owner.
  • We improve already listed accommodations by changing images and content where necessary
  • We daily manage new entries
  • We confirm reservations and manage anything pending.
  • We constantly check and update the availability plan depending on new entries or changes
  • We increase the competitive advantage of your accommodation with special offers based on the strategy plan created

Reservations Management


Reservations management is a complex and important procedure that can maximize the occupancy of your tourist facility. It allows owners to know exactly where they are and where they can go aiming to the maximization of their profits. Technology plays a major role in reservations management and has led tourism businesses to new and upgraded ways to do business.

Horizone team using special tools can offer hotel owners reservations management services based on individual characteristics and needs.

In more detail:

  • We install and manage the most suitable for the business property management system.
  • We train the owner and/or employees on the PMS selected.
  • We register reservation to the system.
  • We update the availability plan according to changes and reservations.
  • We manage direct (phone and email) reservations.
  • We deal with any complaints-comments.



A good marketing plan can increase the popularity and attraction of your accommodation. In a very competitive industry such as tourism, marketing plays a key role to the success of your business.

Our experienced team can offer efficient services with maximum support, aiming at increasing the revenue of your accommodation.

In more detail:

  • We improve or redesign your website.
  • We create or redesign and manage your social media channels.
  • We create attractive offer campaigns that differentiate your accommodation from competition.
  • We manage your advertising.
  • We manage your accommodation’s exposure to tourism websites.
  • We conduct analytic reports with the results of each marketing move made

Competition Analysis


By analyzing revenues from previous years as well as competition we are able to set realistic goals and make accurate projections.

In more detail:

  • We analyze previous uses and use data to make safe conclusions and planning
  • We study current competition and form reports.
  • We predict and study possible future competitors
  • We design and plan strategies that help us extend seasonality
  • We conduct monthly reports for sales and future estimations
  • We propose future actions and solutions tailor made for your business using modern tools (market search)

Revenue Management


Income management and projection play a vital role for the sustainability and growth of your business. Our team can help you establish your market position in the industry thanks to its long experience in managerial as well as sales positions.

  • We set the budget and revenue goals for your business.
  • We form together your pricing policies for every offered service and season aiming for the desired outcome from the first year.
  • We forecast occupancy rates, demand and growth of your business for the next 3 years.