Services for Individuals

Horizone expands its services in the tourism industry by offering not only to professionals (hotel owners) but also to individuals the opportunity to take advantage of their property as an accommodation asset.

This procedure has great potential In Greece since there are many cases where an asset is used for a couple a days per year or not at all. Why not use an unexploited source of income that can generate profit for you and your family?

Horizone understands the needs and wants of individuals and has tailored its service to fulfill the above. Our services offer complete managerial support for individuals that want to take advantage of their houses-apartment and generate revenue. In more detail:

Sales Management and Online Travel Agencies

  • We plan together and set the desired results
  • We form a strategy plan and set prices based on research
  • We list the accommodation at the correct online travel agencies
  • We improve you listings, as long as you have already listed your accommodation, by improving your content and photos

Reservations Management

  • We register and confirm reservations
  • We manage direct (phone-email) reservations
  • We constantly renew the availability plan
  • We set with the owner days for self-use and block the desired dates from being sold


  • We manage check-in and check-out procedures
  • We set, control and check prepayments and reservation policies
  • We are responsible for the payments
  • We are responsible for cleaning and linen change
  • We serve clients’ needs throughout their stay