OTA’s Management

Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) Management


In order to maximize profits and exposure for your accommodation we need to list it at the correct online travel agencies. In other words, listing is very important because the presence of your accommodation at online travel agencies is the first impression potential customers have for your accommodation.

In more detail:

  • We list your accommodation at the proper online travel agencies improving your web presence.
  • We create an image of your accommodation for potential customers
  • We list prices that are a result of market research with a sense of understanding the needs of each owner.
  • We improve already listed accommodations by changing images and content where necessary
  • We daily manage new entries
  • We confirm reservations and manage anything pending.
  • We constantly check and update the availability plan depending on new entries or changes
  • We increase the competitive advantage of your accommodation with special offers based on the strategy plan created

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