Terms of Use

The web site of the service provider under the trade name “HORIZONE”, which will be hereinafter referred to as “the provider” aims to inform and the communication between the users-visitors. The access and the use of the web site is subject to the following conditions and rules, which take precedence over of any other opposed explicit or tacit agreement between the provider and the users-visitors.

  1. Any information, text, image, design or software which is contained on the provider’s web site, constitutes an original intellectual creation and therefore is protected under the provisions of the Law 2121/1993 on “Protection of intellectual property and any related rights.” Any act of reproduction, distribution, modification or use for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the author is prohibited.
  1. The provider shall take any appropriate and reasonably expected measure, so that the data and the information contained in its web site to be complete, accurate and reliable. The provider does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the above-mentioned data and information and it is not liable towards the users or third parties for any loss due to their incorrect or inaccurate character.
  1. The interconnection of the web site with others (web sites) via links is only made for the convenience of the users-visitors. The provider is not liable for any direct or indirect damage of the users-visitors, arising from the exploitation of the web site interconnection with another web site via links or by the use of data and information contained in any such web site.
  1. The provider’s web site allows its visitors to communicate with each other or the dispatch of information but during the transmission of which, third parties can interfere with and gain access. It is noted that in any such case, the provider is not liable for any unlawful collection or processing of personal data, as well as of any other data by any third party.
  1. The provider is not liable for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage of the users-visitors of its web site, due to illegal actions of third parties (e.g. interception or passwords and customers-visitors data decrypting), the viruses spreading during the web site use or download data of its content or problems that may occur during the computers use (e.g. data loss, etc.).
  1. It is prohibited without the written permission of the provider or third-party beneficiary the use of trademarks and logos contained in the web site.
  2. The provider reserves the right to modify the web site, to add, to modify and / or to withdraw any item and / or information contained therein without any notice. It also reserves the right to modify at any time the present terms.
  3. The provider will keep on file and will process the visitors’ personal data of its electronic web sites, which may come to its attention based of the submitted applications and the performed transactions in order to support, promote and execute its business relationship with them. The visitors of the provider’s web site are entitled to be informed about whether their personal data are being processed by the provider, as well as to raise objections for the data processing concerning them.
  4. The access to the provider’s web site from your side, confirms that you have adequately and completely understood what is mentioned above as well as that you fully and unreservedly agree with these terms.